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As a prominent art company in China, Shanghai Jingju Company, established in March 1955 on the basis of Donghua Experimental Peking Opera Group and People Peking Opera Group, subordinate to CPC Shanghai Ministry of Propaganda, is one of ten national key Peking opera troupes entitled by China Ministry of Culture. Zhou Xinfang, the first president, who was a famous Peking Opera master himself.
For more than half the century, fed by the special humanistic atmosphere, Shanghai Jingju Company has formed its unique art style and made itself a top culture troupe with a wealth of talents and numerous plays.
Nowadays, Shanghai Jingju Company not only inherits and follows traditional spirits of Jingju but also tries every means to combine modernity and tradition. We have been working on the development of scripts and talents. Besides, how to popularize Jingju and develop larger performance market is our focus. To encourage young artists and attract more audience, a series of special performances and shows were held in a row. Shanghai Jingju Company is the only one art troupe in China which has three key plays selected into national excellent art works project.
With more than 300 staff, two performing groups, Tianchan Yifu Theatre, our troupe has formed a set of managing and operating system. Creating, producing, performing and promoting, a standardized team is on the way. Giving performances frequently abroad as well as home, Shanghai Jingju Company spreads culture and friendship all over the world.

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